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Dunwoody's bond referendum gives voters the power to decide if the City of Dunwoody can issue bonds to invest in major City projects and improvements. Bond financing would be used for capital projects to build or improve physical assets like facilities and infrastructure that will be used by our community for many years into the future. All bond information can be found here 

Aerial View of Playground


“Shall the City of Dunwoody, Georgia (the “City”) issue general obligation bonds in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $60,000,000 for the purpose of financing (a) the acquisition, construction, installation, improvement and equipping of (i) parks and recreational areas, (ii) greenspace and (iii) trails, (b) the costs of issuing the bonds and (c) capitalized interest on the bonds? Such approval shall also constitute an approval of the increase in the City’s current millage cap of 3.04 only to the extent necessary to repay the bonds."


If approved, the City of Dunwoody would work on capital improvements in the following areas using bond funding, along with other revenue sources. Note that the list below is not ranked by preference and is subject to modification based on the needs of the City:


Parks and Greenspace:


Trails and Streetscape:


The bonds would be paid off over 20 years. Based on preliminary 2023 digest numbers and conservative market rates, the typical home in Dunwoody ($500,000 value frozen at $400,000), would pay an extra $157.36 a year at a rate of 1.049 mills if the bond is approved. This would represent 2.3% of the total tax bill. 

Map of Bond Projects

Bond Projects Map_edited.jpg

The projects are located throughout Dunwoody, strengthening and connecting our community!

The Bond would add an average of $157/year to a typical homeowner's property taxes.

$13/mo provides Parks and Trails which improve Dunwoody's quality of life and raise property values. 
Did you know Parks and Trails increase your property values 3-5% the closer you are? Check it out. There are multiple studies to choose from 
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Headwaters Economics (Austin).
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