Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Game On Tom Taylor

We wanted to think the DeKalb County School Board would do the right thing and approve the Druid Hills Charter Cluster, but we weren't holding our collective breaths either.  Last night the charter cluster was shot down 5-4.

Ok, Tom Taylor - you are up and we are 100% behind you.  Whatever you need to help pass HR 486, A Better Dunwoody stands ready to help.  Folks - this our chance to truly make a better Dunwoody.  Imagine a school system not run by self-serving politicians, where the kids truly do come first.

Whatever you think of the parkway, roundabout, paving - it is trivial compared to the push for an independent school system.  We need to stand united behind Tom and scream loud and clear -we want our own school system!  Sending emails is not enough, we need to be seen and heard in person.

Bring it Tom and let us know what you need.

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