Friday, October 25, 2013

PVC to Project Renaissance

I drove by Project Renaissance this week with my daughter in the backseat.  She saw the new playground in place and quickly asked if it was a new park.  When I answered in the affirmative, she asked if the park was for us.  Again, I said yes but she would have to wait until it was open.  Much excitement ensued and more questions about when it would open.

In looking for a Better Dunwoody, I can't wait for Project Renaissance to be open and built.  Instead of apartments, the city will have a new park and new single family homes.  Over 300 apartments were planned for that space, fortunately for the city, the recession hit and the developer was unable to build them.  There were not many positive results from the recession - Project Renaissance is one of them.

The city, through a public/private partnership, was able to buy the foreclosed land (aka the pvc pipe farm) destined for apartments and turn it into new single family homes and a new city park.  That is a Better Dunwoody.

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