Friday, August 30, 2013

Vote early, vote often

The election season has officially begun!  We look forward to hearing from all 8 qualified candidates for city council.

Distritct 1  - Denny Shortal (incumbent), Henly Shelton, David Davis
District 2 - Heyward Wescott, Jim Riticher, William AJ Mercier
District 3 - Doug Thompson (incumbent), Sam Eads

As people who look for the positive, we want to hear each candidate's plans on what they would do to further improve our city. We want to hear ideas, thoughts, plans, not buzzkill, negative complaints.  It is very easy to point out the flaws in past performance (hindsight is 20/20).  It is much harder to lead with new, detailed plans and ideas.  We want to hear what the candidates will do, not what they won't do.

We hope to see all of them at the DHA Candidate Forum on Oct. 17 so we can hear them speak in person without a script.  The election is November 5, please exercise your right to vote.