Saturday, August 10, 2013

Smooth Roads

A couple of years ago the city developed a 5 year paving plan to begin the process of repairing our city's streets.  I think we are beginning to see results of the plan this summer as more residential streeets have been paved.  A street in my neighborhood was re-paved this summer and I can't believe the difference.  It went from a bone-jarring, off roading bumpy street to oh-so-smooth.  It is just fun to ride a bike, scooter or skateboard on it.  Driving on it is much easier as you can just drive straight instead of navigating through potholes like a slalom course.

If you are wondering if your street or a bad street in your neighborhood is due for re-paving, the list of streets for through 2017 is on the city's website -
The city spends approximately $2 million a year on paving projects.

On another note, school in DeKalb County begins on Monday, August 12.  As fun as it is to drive on newly paved roads, please don't speed!  The streets will be full of bikers, walkers and bus stops as kids return to the classroom. Please help keep them safe.

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