Monday, August 5, 2013

Getting Around - Dunwoody Style

Two events occurred in Dunwoody this weekend we felt worth sharing.

The first was the trail opening over in Brook Run.  If you have not been on the trail, grab your dog's leash, child's stroller, scooter or bike and head over to the trail.  Or if you need some quiet time, grab a book and park yourself on one of the benches along the trail.  The trail is a great asset to the park and our community, go explore it and then imagine Phase 2 with a trail going all the way around the park.  I  imagine kids learning to ride bikes on it, joggers running without fear of cars and seniors being able to walk on a nice level surface in a beautiful setting.  Perhaps there will even be a unicorn sighting.

The second event was the Sunday Monthly Cycle.  It is a recreational bike ride beginning at 3pm from Brusters.  The route is approximately 4 1/2 miles long and includes a police escort to help riders across streets.  Before the start of the ride, the rules of the road are reviewed as well as a few pointers on bike maintenance and hand signals.  People of all ages participate - from toddlers in bike trailers to seniors out for a leisurely ride.  The ride occurs the first Sunday of every month and next month will be the one year anniversary!  There is a Facebook page if you would like more information on the ride - BikeWalkDunwoody.  It is a fairly easy ride, even for younger riders and older riders in not-so-great shape.

The best part about the bike ride - it ends at Brusters!  They give a 10% discount and have cold water waiting for the riders.  I had a scoop of the pistachio yesterday, well worth the bike ride to get it! Another added bonus is the opportunity to chat with your fellow riders and relax on a Sunday afternoon .

Lots of different ways to get around - Dunwoody style!

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