Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Oh The Places You’ll Go… On Dunwoody Sidewalks!

Dunwoody has a lot of wonderful things to offer, but when it comes to a casual and warm summer evening, nothing really beats a leisurely walk to your local fro-yo spot.  Since the city of Dunwoody began identifying areas in need of safe passage and installing sidewalks, these walks have gotten easier (and best yet, as a mom to wee ones – safer!)

You would think the highlight of the Dunwoody Club Drive walk would have been landing at our local favorite, Yogli Mogli.  Not quite though.  Yogli’s Mogli’s “Pink Lemonade Sorbet” came in a close second to the sidewalk art. A few concrete smiley faces and a full sized "sad man" had them thoroughly entertained for the 3 mile round trip.

As my eldest pointed out, “Even the sidewalk is happy to have us walking on it!” 

While the concrete artwork was the highlight of my kids’ evening, and I do adore taking these walks with my young brood, my husband and I enjoy “walking date nights” out here too.

If you haven’t taken a “walking date”, I’d highly recommend it.  You don’t have to fight over who is the DD, pedestrian traffic doesn’t slow down your travel time (unless you run into a friendly neighbor who offers you a glass of wine on the way to your destination – thank goodness for not having to worry about the DD thing again), and you can burn off those calories before and after you indulge in them!  A win-win!  Seriously though, it slows the pace down a little, allows you to hold hands, and just… Stroll.  Chat. Breathe. It’s lovely and I recommend it. 

And I recommend you packing your kids up and going for a stroller walk to.  If you live along Mt. Vernon near the Village, another family favorite of ours is to take a morning walk to Dunkin' Donuts for the kids and then over to Starbucks for the survival kit of Skinny Vanilla Lattes and Spinach Feta Wraps for the adults.  A little bit of feet up time, kids running around in the grass outside of Starbucks, and then legs are renewed for their journey home.

My thanks go to the City of Dunwoody for embracing the need and taking the efforts to create safe and accessible walking paths – so that myself and my loved ones can enjoy a stroll in and around our wonderful city.  Sidewalks have made my Dunwoody a Better Dunwoody. 

And so the question is, where will your sidewalks take you in the near future? Maybe to the Dunwoody Food Truck Thursdays at Brook Run?  Who can pass up Moon Dog Growlers and a Chorizo Panini from Pressed for Time?!?!  Let us know what gets you to toss on those walking shoes and hit the pavement in your part of the 'hood!   

Monday, July 29, 2013

Rainbows and Unicorns

I readily admit I am an optimist - the glass is always 2/3 full for me.  For example, the post office at Christmas - I have enjoyed meeting people while standing in line!

The non-stop negative press and constant criticism of most civic activities in Dunwoody the past few months has become truly tiresome.  My spouse and I chose Dunwoody as the place to raise our family because of its schools and proximity to our places of employment. We voted to become a city for more local control and a government closer to the people.  I am not sure what changed for people between 2008 and 2013, but for me Dunwoody and its quality of life have only improved in the past few years.  You don’t need to be an optimist to know that Dunwoody is a great place to live, work, and play.

It turns out I am not the only optimist in Dunwoody - there are many of us and we are all tired of the yard signs, the cranky-pants “letters to the editors”, and the inference that Dunwoody is in line to become the next Detroit.  Enough already!

So here we are; those in favor of positivity have decided to start a blog to share all the good and great things in our city. We invite you to share your positive stories as well.   I'll start.

My oldest child insisted he was old enough to ride his bike home from school by himself. We live close to the school so I agreed to let him spread his wings and ride home alone - besides many of his friends accompanied him for part of the way.  One day I received a phone call he had fallen, was fine and would be home soon. A stranger brought his bike home, a mom with older kids provided a popsicle and the phone call.  Another neighbor brought him home with her kids. It does take a village to raise a child and we have a great village - young, old, married, single. I'm thankful for everyone who contributes to making Dunwoody a great place to live.

This blog will happily accept any “Dunwoody positive” stories or pictures you’d like to share - school, athletic, religious, civic, whatever;  if it’s a good story to demonstrate why we live in Dunwoody, we’ll post it!  Negative comments will be deleted. We'll try and post once or twice a week with something we feel is worth sharing. We look forward to spreading the positive feeling about being a Better Dunwoody.

My spouse says it's the endless supply of rainbows and ponies in Dunwoody with the occasional unicorn sighting that makes it great. Sigh, not as much of an optimist as I am.

 To share your story, send an email to: